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Critical processes demand precise measurement technology

Cleanrooms require precise measurement methods in order to be qualified according to their areas of application and quality requirements. With highly precise measuring instruments from Testo, you specifically monitor temperatureair humiditydifferential pressure and air flow. With the monitoring systems from Testo, you have all critical parameters permanently in view. Depend on precision in the application with measuring instruments from Testo in cleanrooms.

  • Ensure a constant cleanroom environment thanks to accurate and dependable measurements
  • Exact, long-term adherence to defined cleanroom conditions thanks to calibrated measuring instruments with long-term stable probes
  • Made-to-measure services from qualification of your cleanrooms up to measuring instrument calibration

It's not only about complying with norms, but primarily about the first-class quality of your products and processes!


Important measurements in your cleanroom


Temperature and humidity testing

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Differential pressure measurement of rooms and filters

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Air flow testing and air exchange rate

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Measurement in a laminar flow cabinet

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Multifunction air meters

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Measuring technology and services



Measurment technology for cleanrooms brochure

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Testo measuring instruments ensure you the long-term security of a constant cleanroom environment according to your requirements and in compliance with the valid norms.

  • Measurement of temperature, humidity, differential pressure and air flow
  • Volume flow measurement in a laminar flow cabinet
  • The ideal instruments for secure and precise measurements



Full service for your cleanroom

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Testo Industrial Services ensures first-class quality in your cleanrooms

  • Comprehensive qualification and re-qualification
  • Measuring instrument calibration
  • Staff training