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Measuring instruments for preventive maintenance

Your challenge

Preventive maintenance is one of the challenging tasks in every industrial company.

Regular inspections and efficient adjustments of production and ventilation plants ensure smooth production without downtimes, and secure, norm-compliant processes – and all this while constantly reducing energy costs as far as possible.

Our solution

Truly smart measurement technology in preventive maintenance

  • Intuitively operated
  • Complete documentation
  • Clear measurement data management



Testo supports you in these measurements




Adjust air conditioning and ventilation systems optimally


Click now to see how the testo 400 works!

With an intuitive touch display and intelligently designed operation, the testo 400 helps you to carry out all measurements faster and more efficiently than ever before.

IAQ measuring instrument Testo


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In the online configurator, you can find out quickly and easily which combination of measuring instrument, probe and accessories best suits your requirements.

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Preventative maintenance for plant components and switiching cabinets



Thermal imagers

Detect thermal anomalies in time.

  • Non-contact
  • From a safe distance
  • During continuing operation



Thermography of mechanical components

  • Identify deterioration early
  • Monitor filling levels efficiently
  • Quality assurance in the high temperature range



Test electrical components

  • Evaluate operational status
  • Identify faulty components early
  • Minimize fire risks and production downtimes



Measuring instruments for electrical measurement parameters

Measure current, voltage and resistance safely and precisely.



Digital multimeters

  • Recognize measurement parameters automatically
  • Buttons instead of a rotary knob



Clamp meters

  • Grabs wires even in the tightest surroundings
  • On-site documentation with smartphone App




Air velocity & IAQ measuring instruments

  • Probes for all IAQ measurements
  • Operated by Smart-Touch display
  • Guided measurement menus for norm-compliant measurements



Measurement of surface temperature

  • Highly precise
  • Also with wireless probes
  • Fast and intuitive



Measure process air quality

  • Intuitive measurement menus
  • High-precision probes
  • Intelligent calibration concept


Automated IAQ monitoring in buildings


Climate monitoring

The WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2

  • For temperature and humidity
  • Fully automatic
  • With immediate alarms by SMS/e-mail

WiFi data logger testo Saveris 2