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Museums and archives

Climate monitoring for museums, archives, galleries and libraries

Each person has his/her own personal feel-good  temperature – and most objects in museums and archives  do too. But unlike us, paintings, sculptures or antique  books cannot adapt, and always depend on establishment  of the appropriate ambient climate.

Whether it‘s a question  of exhibition or storage – indoor climate and air quality are  the key factors for private and public museums, collections,  libraries or archives when it comes to safeguarding the preservation of their valuable exhibits or archive materials.

The data monitoring systems and data loggers from Testo will help you establish the ideal climatic conditions for your objects of art, thus protecting them from mould, corrosion or deformation.



The alternatives


Do you need a display?

Thanks to the fully automatic WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2, the monitoring of temperature and air humidity in museums is easier, and more reliable at the same time.

testo Saveris 2 museum

Stationary monitoring of the indoor climate: WiFi data logger testo Saveris 2

  • Web-based system: WiFi data loggers plus secure Cloud system
  • Temperature and humidity data can be read out from anywhere via PC or smartphone
  • Alarm notification by SMS or e-mail



Real time is not important?

The testo 184 data logger provides quality supervisors in logistics with data loggers for monitoring and documenting shock, temperature and relative humidity.

testo 184 G1 museum

Transport monitoring for sensitive products: Transport logger testo 184 G1

  • For sensitive freight
  • Monitors shock, humidity and temperature
  • Easiest possible operation and configuration