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Searching for leaks with the leakage meter

A leak may lead to serious damage in variety of pipes. You should therefore carry out the required tests with the appropriate pressure measuring instrument, in order to improve fault protection and meet legal requirements. A Testo leak detector is the right tool when it comes to fast leak detection.

Here, you will find reliable measuring and detection instruments which will support you in your day-to-day work. The pressure and leakage meters are DVGW-tested and automatically determine the pipe volume of the gas pipes. You are supported in the process by clear measurement menus which are based on the specified directives. This makes it easy for you to test water and gas pipes.

The following are some of the important measurements you can carry out with the leak detector: 

  • tightness test,
  • load test,
  • serciceabillity test.

Leak detector for pressure measurement and leak detection

When you detect leaks, the leakage meter enables a quick, precise check measurement. The gas leak detector has an integrated pump for this purpose. It quickly detects the gases present in the ambient air, such as methane and propane, and establishes the location of the gas leak. The gas concentration is shown in a simplified bar format on the display of the absolute pressure measuring instrument. If the limit values are exceeded, the instrument generates an alarm.

The absolute pressure measuring instrument is particularly handy in the pocket format. Just like the other reliable leak detectors, this one measures with an accuracy of +/-3 HPA. It also enables compensation of the absolute pressure to be tested in conjunction with flow measurements. If necessary, you can make an adjustment to the height above sea level to align the barometric air pressure. This means the measuring instrument can also carry out a precise barometric altitude measurement.

Leaks on natural gas pipes can be reliably detected with a gas leak detector. This is particularly important when hairline cracks or obsolete seals are to be expected.

Using a leak detector provides you with precise information that helps you both to establish the location and to determine the leakage rate.

Of course, you get the Testo instruments for leak detection along with all the relevant accessories, so that you are equipped with the complete package for pipework testing according to specifications:

  • high pressure probe,
  • high pressure connection,
  • Y-distributor,
  • system case with feed unit,
  • if applicable, further accessories.

Reliable, targeted leak detection

A water or gas pipe may develop leaks after a certain period of time. You can use the leak detector here as a reliable manifold when you are carrying out the leakage tests stipulated by law, thus improving safety in the building.

The measuring instrument is an essential tool in many areas and is very simple to operate. The process involves setting the sensitivity via a rotary knob, so that users immediately recognize when they are approaching the leak. The flexible measuring probe even enables you to check areas that are difficult to access. There are usually two levels available in terms of an alarm signal:

  • from 200 ppm CH4, there is an acoustic alarm and a yellow visual signal,
  • from 10,000 ppm CH4, the visual signal turns red.

Fields of application and accessories for the leak detector

The innovative Testo pressure and leakage meters make user-oriented and reliable testing of gas and water pipes significantly easier. The refrigerant leak detector supports leak detection in the refrigeration technology field. This instrument quickly detects the most common refrigerants and also discovers tiny leaks. A compressed air leak detector works with an appropriate high pressure probe.

How to detect leaks – legal requirements and precision instruments

Testo's innovative leak detector has the seal of the mandatory DVGW test. You also get the necessary accessories for the pressure and leakage meter: system case, feed module, connector block, hose, test pump, adapter and other items. These enable you to carry out leakage measurements directly on the gas boiler. Typical applications for this kind of leak detector for gas pipe tests include:

  • tightness and load test (according to TRGI 2008),
  • serviceability test of the gas pipes,
  • automatic determination of the pipe volume,
  • LPG and waste water pipe test.

Leak detector and related test instruments

The beneficial features of Testo's leak detectors can be seen in their compliance with the specified directives and clear menu guidance. This makes it easy to carry out the required tests on the gas pipes and at other locations. The pressure and leakage meter carries out an automatic tightness test and thus saves you a great deal of effort.

The vacuum gauge also scores high marks with its great precision. The testo 552 digital vacuum gauge, which operates via Bluetooth, can for instance be used when a refrigeration system or a heat pump needs to be tested. This measures the pressure and automatically calculates the evaporation temperature. Its simple operation is supported by the practical single-hose connection and by the high-resolution, easy-to-read colour display. Furthermore, you can store the measurement data in a customer folder which has been previously set up and thus ensure clear organization of the documentation.

The high precision of the classic leak detector helps you with leak detection and with testing how serious the leak is. It is equipped with the following sensors for this:

  • a flow rate sensor,
  • an absolute pressure sensor,
  • two differential pressure sensors.