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The thermal imager – your new favourite tool

Thermal imager

The measuring instrument for every application: there are hardly any measuring instruments that are as versatile as a thermal imager. Because the areas where the visualization of temperatures using thermography makes your work easier include the following:

In building thermography  a Testo thermal camera helps you to detect thermal bridges and structural defects.

In heating engineering you can use thermography to check underfloor heating is working properly or for the non-destructive detection of leaks.

In maintenance a thermal camera enables you to see wear before systems fail.

Would you like to buy a thermal imager? You should take the following into consideration:

Applications of infrared thermography

Features of our thermal imagers

A thermographic camera for all tasks
  • Infrared resolution 320 x 240 pixels (with testo SuperResolution technology 640 x 480 pixels)

  • Integrated digital camera and laser marker

  • Wireless measurement data transfer from the testo 770-3 clamp meter and testo 605i humidity measuring instrument

  • With testo Thermography App

Building thermography

With the testo 872, there are no longer any thermal bridges, missing insulation or leaks in underfloor heating that remain undetected. Simply switch on, get going and know more.

Instead of thermal imaging cameras: more measuring instruments from Testo

Smart temperature measurement

Smart Probes are compact professional measuring instruments operated by smartphone. They are available for the most important measurement parameters and will make your day-to-day work somewhat more pleasant.

Measuring in liquids, semi-solid and solid media

Immersion thermometers  and penetration thermometers measure the temperature inside a measurement object. Ideal for core temperature measurements on food, amongst other things.

Instead of thermal imaging cameras: more measuring instruments from Testo

Measuring temperatures on surfaces

As the name makes clear, a surface temperature meter is used to measure the temperature on the surface of a measurement object. This category also includes infrared thermometers. Just like an infrared thermal imager, they measure an object's thermal radiation. Temperature measuring strips on the other hand are used for fast measurement of the surface temperature in a really wide variety of applications.

Recording temperatures

Temperature data loggers are used not only for measuring temperatures (and other measurement parameters), but also for monitoring and recording them over defined time periods.