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Food sector

Food safety: Keeping food safe with reliable measuring technology

Food must be safe and free from pathogenic germs, therefore food safety is essential. From the transportation and storage of products, the production and preparation of food, right through to the sale – every stage must comply with HACCP guidelines. Testo offers numerous measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions to ensure food quality and safety at all times. These are ideal for recording and documenting the relevant measurement parameters such as temperature, cooking oil quality and humidity as well as for creating measurement reports.

Testo’s high-quality measuring technology for improving food safety:

  • Offers you optimum support in fulfilling the HACCP concept
  • Can be used for the early detection of limit value violations – so you can respond swiftly
  • Enables continuous monitoring and complete documentation of your cold chain
  • Is intuitive to use, with a practical design and robust construction
  • Has established itself as a reliable partner for accurate measurement results
  • Whether you need a hand-held measuring instrument, a data logger or an all-in-one solution – we have the right solution for every measuring task