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Measuring technology for your full logistics service

Compliance with temperature limits plays a decisive role in the storage and transportation of perishable food. If fruit and vegetables are stored and transported in conditions that are too warm, they ripen quickly and barely survive the journey to the supermarket. In meat and dairy products, heat causes bacteria to multiply, which can cause serious illnesses. Only continuous monitoring can ensure that there are no gaps in the cold chain – thus guaranteeing the safety and quality of food. With measuring instruments from Testo, you can make sure that the cold chain is maintained in every area of your logistics.

Our measuring instruments for ensuring a seamless cold chain: 

  • Thermometers for spot check measurement of temperatures – for example, in incoming goods 
  • Data loggers for permanent monitoring of ambient parameters, used as semi-stationary measuring technology
  • Transport loggers for compliance with temperature limits during food transportation



The right measuring instrument for every work step



  • Uninterrupted monitoring and documentation
  • With transport loggers and radio data logger systems




  • Continuous recording of temperature and humidity
  • Individual solutions with the data loggers from Testo and the monitoring system testo Saveris 2



Incoming goodsIncoming goods

  • Precise quality monitoring in delivery
  • With infrared, penetration and combi thermometers



Cold chainCold chain

  • Reliable IAQ monitoring along the entire cold chain
  • With thermometers for spot check measurements and data loggers for continuous IAQ monitoring