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testo Saveris for Life Science

Central monitoring of audit-relevant environmental parameters

Life Science: Hardly any other sector is so strictly regulated and monitored. Our holistic solutions for monitoring environmental conditions support you in always fulfilling the strict regulatory requirements reliably: 

  • Measurement technology, software and services from one provider and seamlessly integrated
  • Complete documentation
  • Complete transparency



testo Saveris: for Life science




The overall system: Secure and flexible

  • Automatic recording and periodic documentation
  • Secure data storage thanks to three-fold redundancy
  • Integrable into the existing communication structure (WLAN, LAN) or optionally by in-house optimized testo UltraRange radio







The digital probes: Hot Swap

  • Exchange in seconds by Plug & Play during continuing operation
  • Documentation of probe exchange in the digital Audit Trail
  • No interruptions in the documentation





testo UltraRange: Data transfer over long distances

  • Self-sufficient radio network with encrypted, proprietary signals
  • Outstanding range and signal stability inside buildings