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The uniquely light testo 420 volume flow hood

Light, precise and convenient: the testo 420 flow capture hood makes volume flow measurement at larger air inlets and outlets considerably easier. At only 2.9 kg, it is the lightest volume flow hood on the market. And with its integrated flow straightener, the measuring device for volume flow measurement sets new measuring precision standards at swirl outlets. This allows users to fulfil hygiene guidelines and requirements for indoor air quality and volume flow in ventilation and air conditioning systems quickly and precisely, e.g. in industry, office areas or cleanrooms.

The testo 420 volume flow measuring hood offers you the following

  • Ergonomic: uniquely light at less than 2.9 kg in weight (standard flow hood 610 x 610 mm).
  • High-precision: flow straightener significantly reduces the usual measurement errors at swirl outlets.
  • Efficient: fast set-up, easy handling and convenient operation via testo 420 App.

Advantages of the testo 420 volume flow hood

  • Light: unique weight of less than 2.9 kg. You will feel the difference, particularly for frequent measurements.
  • Precise:air turbulence at swirl outlets is pacified. This allows reliable measurement of the air flow.
  • Flexible:optional exchangeable hoods for a variety of measuring tasks • Efficient: monitor measuring values and send them by e-mail directly on site via App
  • Convenient: the tilting display makes it easier to read out the measuring values. By removing the instrument, and with the corresponding accessories, you can comfortably carry out pressure and Pitot tube measurements too.
  • Smart: the App allows you to use mobile devices as a second display or remote control.

Volume flow measurement via App

With the practical testo 420 App on your smartphone/tablet, you can fully exploit the possibilities of the flow capture hood.

Firstly, this means that you can operate the measuring instrument remotely and secondly, that you can send reports by e-mail directly on site as well.

Overview of the App functions:

  • Measuring value monitoring via the testo 420's graphic progression display and remote control
  • Creation of reports/documentation with photos or comments and dispatch by e-mail
  • Calculation of total volume flow and air exchange rate
  • Range of approx. 20 m with no obstructions via Bluetooth Low Energy

Measure volume flow correctly with these advantages

  • In addition to the very low weight and the flow straightener, the following features will make your day-to-day work easier:
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Tiltable and removable display
  • Funnel-shaped tension rod sockets for quick and easy set-up
  • Trolley for secure transport also supplied
  • App integration for smartphones and tablets, turning these into a second display and remote control via Bluetooth. Particularly practical for the safe use of a tripod for high ceilings.

Volume flow measurement at swirl outlets - the background

Problem for measuring hood volumetric flow at swirl outlets: air turbulence

Without an integrated flow straightener, the measurement result can be falsified by air turbulence.

Depending on how the flow hits the instrument, the flow velocities measured are either too high or too low.

Solution: volume flow hood from Testo with flow straightener

Flow straighteners pacify the turbulent air so that it hits the measuring instrument in a uniform way and can be reliably measured.

Other measuring instruments for VAC professionals

Sound level meter

A sound level meter measures the noise level of HVAC systems, amongst other things. Why is this important? With air conditioning and ventilation systems, it is not just a case of these being correctly set in terms of the volume flows and of rooms having adequate fresh air supply or used air extraction. That is merely the obligatory element. The voluntary element: the systems not only have to carry out this task in line with the specifications, but also as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. And this is precisely where the sound level meter comes into its own. It enables you to quickly determine the extent of the noise pollution from a system.

Volume flow measurement with anemometers

In addition to volume flow measuring hoods, Testo also offers further measuring instruments for air conditioning and ventilation measurements:

  • Vane anemometers measure flow, airspeed, air temperature and humidity at outlets or in ducts, amongst other things.
  • A thermal anemometer works without a vane and is above all used for the measurement of flow velocity, temperature and humidity directly in ducts or at outlets.

Flow meters

Unlike a volume flow measuring hood, this measuring device for volume flow measurement can often be employed as a multi-function instrument. The uses of a multifunctional flow meter therefore include volume flow measurement in ducts/at outlets and determination of comfort level or evaluation of illuminance too.