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Temperature data loggers: practical aids for temperature monitoring

Temperature data loggers are used for temperature and humidity monitoring and are above all employed in the industrial sector, where temperature and humidity play a major role. In this respect, a distinction is made between single-use instruments and long-term monitoring instruments.

The single-use instruments are mainly used to record values within a short period of time. However, it is important to be able to evaluate humidity and temperature over a long period of time, particularly in production.

When purchasing a data logger for temperature, there are various factors that have a role to play:

  • high level of accuracy
  • effective repeatability for test purposes
  • long rechargeable battery service life
  • low follow-on costs
  • very good software

Products for temperature monitoring

Transport logger
Transport logger

USB data logger for monitoring temperature during the transport.

With connectable probes
With connectable probes

Temperature data loggers with probe connections for individual requirements.

Temperature data loggers
Temperature data loggers

Temperature data loggers for monitoring temperature.

Wifi data logger
Wifi data logger

Wifi data loggers for flexible monitoring of temperature by wireless LAN.

High temperature data logger
High temperature data logger

Data logger for validation of sterilization, pasteurization, freeze-drying, cleaning and disinfection.

Applications for your new temperature logger

Temperature monitoring
Restaurants and catering
Pharmacies and hospitals
Pharmaceuticals Transport
Food production
Pharmaceuticals production
Hospitals Sterilization and disinfection

Data logger - temperature – the most important features

An important factor when choosing a data logger for temperature and humidity is the question of where you intend to use it. The accuracy of measurement may be more important in some areas than in other categories. If you use the data logger for checking rooms to monitor good indoor air quality, the accuracy is less important than in a special cooling chamber. It is particularly important to get precise values when it comes to cold chain compliance. However, if you just want to measure the ambient conditions in an office, the values do not need to be exact down to the decimal point. The product information concerning measuring accuracy is therefore a point to be considered when it comes to choosing the appropriate instrument.

The instrument must have repeatability to check how precise the measurements are. A data logger's reproducibility takes pressure off the measuring values, because it makes more accurate comparisons possible. If a measurement goes wrong, this becomes apparent faster. In this way, it is easier to control the values.

Data has to be recorded over a longer period of time in many areas. The service life of the rechargeable battery therefore has an important role to play. The same applies to signalling by the temperature logger, when the rechargeable battery's energy is coming to an end. Some instruments are capable of saving the data, even when the rechargeable battery is no longer working. However, it is no longer possible to make another measurement. It is all the more important that you are informed in good time, when replacement of the battery unit is needed.

The temperature logger saves the data. These data have to be transmitted to the PC for analysis. This transmission can be carried out in various ways. There is thus a special data monitoring system which you can work with. The thermometer datalogger that is equipped in this way:

  • checks the temperature
  • controls the humidity values
  • saves time and costs
  • transmits the data via Ethernet or radio
  • offers alarm notification options

The various versions in combination

There are various designs of the data logger for temperature and other measuring values. The CO₂ data logger or the CO data logger can be very easily combined with a model for temperature measurement. It is specially tailored for the measurement of gas concentrations.

In addition to temperature, UV intensity can also have an influence on goods. This can be checked using the UV data logger Areas which are subject to vibrations can be monitored with a shock data logger. This has the advantage of recording accelerations, shocks and impacts. Temperature irregularities can then be attributed to these.

  • The combination of different Testo data loggers is advisable
  • Shock data loggers record vibrations
  • CO data loggers check the gas concentration