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Customized sensor

Customized probes - developed just for you!

You will receive your customized probe in a minimum order size of one unit. Express orders can be manufactured within 48 hours*. The standard delivery time is 14 working days. We will calibrate your probe on request. Exactly the way you need it.

Personal consultation regarding customized probes

Would you like a personal consultation regarding Testo's customized probes? Just use our call-back service (right column) or give us a call on 0788 228 688. If you would like to email us the information about the customized probe that you require, please use our request form. Here you will be able to formulate detailed information on your customized probe and upload files (e.g. drawings). Subsequently, on the basis of your information, we will be happy to draw up a non-binding offer of an individually customized probe for you.


The measuring range

Our standard probes measure within a range that is defined by us. Is the measuring range of our standard probes outside your required specifications? No problem – Testo AGSE & Co. KGaA can manufacture customized probes for you with expanded measuring ranges.



The accuracy

Depending on your measuring task, the accuracy requirements for the probe may vary. Our standard probes can normally handle the required accuracy. However, sometimes you may need to carry out measuring tasks that require greater accuracy - and Testo SE & Co. KGaA can supply the exactly customized probe you need!



All individual after your conception

We also develop and produce probes that are completely tailored to your conceptions. Share your specific conceptions with us, for example by emailing us a sketch of the probe that you require. You can specify the requirements for your customized probe on the request form and e-mail this to us.