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Measure air temperature accurately with Testo's measuring technology

Air temperature measurement is one of the most frequent applications in the broad spectrum of temperature measurement. Because people as well as goods and products sometimes react very sensitively to temperature values that are too high or too low.

Examples of the places where an air temperature measuring device is used therefore include residential and office buildings, as well as storage areas for temperature-sensitive goods.

A Testo air temperature measuring device offers you the following

  • Measure air temperature with a comprehensive selection of probes for every requirement
  • Particularly robust construction with intuitive operation
  • Calibration and service from one source – with reliable Testo brand quality.


With smartphone operation
With smartphone operation

State of the art – without a cable, but with an App instead: the Testo Smart Probes. Professional tools in a compact format.

With connectable probes
With connectable probes

For more flexibility with measurement and for uses under changing conditions.

With permanently fitted probes
With permanently fitted probes

For fast measurements under similar conditions.

Temperature probes
Temperature probes

Comprehensive selection for virtually every application. Customized products are also possible.

Applications for your new air temperature meter

Comfort Level
Dewpoint Calculation
Probes for air temperature measurement

Probes for air temperature measurement

Air probes are particularly suitable for measuring the air temperature, for instance in refrigerated counters, chest freezers or air conditioning systems (air output temperature), in the ventilation field (air input/output) or in the meteorological field.

The air temperature sensor of these probes is exposed and therefore particularly readily accessible to the air flow. You achieve an optimum result with your air temperature meter when you move the probe through the air at 2 – 3 m/s.

Physical backgrounds for air temperature

Temperature is the physical quantity most often measured after time. The temperature of a body is a measure for the energy of the subordinate movement of particles this body is made of. When thermal energy is supplied to this body, its particle speed increases. In turn, this leads to the temperature of the body rising. If energy is taken from a body, then the particle speed slows down and the temperature falls.

Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin

Temperature is generally specified in Kelvin (K) and, for everyday use, measured in degrees Celsius (°C).

  • At 0°C and 273.15 K water freezes to ice, at 100°C and 373.15 K water boils
  • In the USA and some other countries temperature is still measured in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) today
  • In the Fahrenheit scale the ice point (freezing point of water) is determined at 32°F, the steam point (boiling point) at 212°F
  • The fundamental interval between the two points is 180°F

Measuring correctly

It is best to measure air temperature at a height of around 2 m. In doing so, you should make sure that you do not carry out the measurement in the vicinity of heat or cold sources, because these falsify the result. For measurement outside closed environments, solar radiation is the main factor to take into consideration.

The air temperature measuring instrument with Internet connection

Air temperature measurement with your smartphone

Testo Smart Probes are compact professional measuring instruments for the most important day-to-day measuring tasks. They do not have a display and are operated entirely via the testo Smart Probes App on your smartphone. The testo 905i model (thermometer operated by smartphone) is ideal for recording ambient temperatures.

Other advantages:

  • Rapid detection of temperature change via graphical progression display
  • Measuring range -50 to +150°C
  • Measurement data analyzed and sent via testo Smart Probes App

Do you want to measure more than air temperature? You will find just what you need here.

Thermal imagers

With Testo's thermal imagers, you can measure the surface temperature of an object and display this as an infrared image. This method enables the immediate and clear identification of thermal anomalies. That makes the thermal imager the ideal tool for maintenance or the construction industry.

Penetration and immersion thermometers

Penetration thermometers and immersion thermometers are used when neither the temperature of the air nor the temperature on surfaces need to be measured. They are used to measure the temperatures in liquids, pastes, semi-solid or solid media. Their uses include in the food sector (core temperatures), in laboratories or in the pharmaceutical industry.

Data logger with air temperature sensor

Temperature data loggers were specially developed for temperature monitoring. They measure and document temperature values in storage, office or living areas at individually adjustable intervals. For the most part, Testo's models record further measurement parameters as well and guarantee data security even when the battery is empty.

Measurement of surfaces

In addition to air temperature measurement with an appropriate air temperature meter, temperatures on surfaces also have to be measured in a variety of applications. As well as an appropriate surface temperature meter Testo's temperature measuring strips are also suitable for this.