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Digital barometer – determine pressure easily in seconds

In the industrial sector, there are a whole series of working environments for which continuous air pressure determination is relevant - for example in calibration laboratories. A constant overpressure is generated to keep the room free of air particles. This ensures that no undesirable germs and particles get into the room when the doors are open for a short time. This principle is in general use for so-called cleanrooms. These are used in many industrial sectors:

  • Research
  • Food industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • And lots more

digital barometer with a humidity measuring instrument enables employees to ensure both easy and constant control of the air pressure in the room.

Barometer and thermo hygrometer
Barometer and thermo hygrometer

Ideal for monitoring the ambient air especially in laboratories.

Pocket-sized absolute pressure meter
Pocket-sized absolute pressure meter

Suitable for barometric altitude measurements.

Barometers - where is monitoring of air pressure relevant?

A cleanroom is subject to specific requirements. The room is classified for its use by means of the air cleanliness. This classification is undertaken once for commissioning. However, it is also carried out for regular checking and various reclassifications. A pressure deviation in the room may have serious consequences in terms of the air quality. A digital barometer is therefore the best option to allow easy pressure monitoring. A high-quality digital barometer should have certain features for use in the industrial environment: 

  • Accurate measurement data
  • Automatic data acquisition
  • Easy-to-read display
  • Easy handling
  • Combined with humidity measuring instrument

A calibration protocol is also relevant to enable use in the industrial environment. The Testo digital barometers are of course equipped with the appropriate protocols.

Barometers and hygrometers for automatic long-term measurements

If air pressure is relevant for both trouble-free and effective work, then constant measurement is needed. This must be achieved without any extra effort. A single installation of the measuring instrument should suffice to enable the required data to be read out at any time. Accordingly, the digital barometer must always be ready for use and functioning properly. As a rule, air pressure measurement is accompanied by humidity measurement. A combination of barometer and hygrometer makes sense for this. You can of course also get a separate humidity measuring instrument without an integrated barometer.

Individual setting is not required for a digital barometer. It automatically measures the air pressure and a range of other data, such as temperature or humidity. This means an instrument of this kind can also be of use in many other working environments, apart from cleanrooms.

Modern digital barometers impress with many equipment features

  • Comprehensive parameter measurement
  • High clock rates for measurement intervals
  • Long rechargeable battery lives with warning signal

Indoor air quality monitoring without any extra effort

The subject of shortage of staff is relevant in industry too. More and more tasks are assigned to fewer and fewer employees. Thanks to high-quality measuring instruments, such as a humidity data logger or a digital barometer, some tasks can be covered fully automatically. Monitoring indoor air quality in cleanrooms or laboratories is one of these tasks.

If the barometer is digital, there is a one-off installation at the required location. A practical mounting aid is suitable for this. The handy and light digital barometers are generally permanently fixed at the measuring location. It is advisable to set up the measuring instrument in an area of the room that is clearly visible. This means that any changes in the relevant parameters can be seen immediately.

Thanks to the signal options when there is a limit value violation, any acute change in the indoor air quality will not remain undetected. The necessary steps can be introduced immediately in order to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Laboratories: Testo's digital barometers

Testo stocks the testo 622 instrument – a thermohygrometer that includes a barometer. This measuring instrument is ideal for comprehensive monitoring of indoor air quality:

  • Temperature measurement
  • Measurement of humidity
  • Air pressure measurement

The measurements are carried out every ten seconds and shown on the easy-to-read display. In addition, you can see the current time and date here as well. Individual limit values can be set at your discretion. If a limit value violation occurs, an optical LED alarm is triggered.

With the testo 622, it is therefore possible to monitor the ambient conditions for laboratories and cleanrooms at all times. Instruments, such as our hygrometer with a barometer, are suitable for both static and mobile use. Thanks to a practical wall mounting, the instrument serves as a surveillance monitor in the room. However, the integrated table mount also allows it to be used either inside the room or in several laboratories.

Mobile monitoring for trial set-ups

Precise indoor air quality monitoring is particularly important for all kinds of trial set-ups. If the barometer operates digitally, it is possible to use it as a mobile instrument. Directly on the table close to the trial set-up or to monitor the whole room - it is easy to determine fast and correct measurement data.

In addition, we offer you many more measuring instruments for special measurements in laboratories and cleanrooms. Whether you need an accurate barometer  or a humidity sensor - you are guaranteed to find the right offers in our range. All products are designed for the demanding working environment of the industrial sector. They are suitable for daily use and are capable of complying with both national and international measuring regulations.

Rely on Testo's many years of experience. We not only have a comprehensive range, we also provide devices which are specially tailored to the field of air pressure measurement and other parameters involved in monitoring indoor air quality. Our digital barometers are only part of Testo's range of first-class measuring instruments. Whether you are searching for a barometer or need a material moisture measuring instrument - we offer you first-class options.