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There is surely hardly any more important measurement parameter than temperature. We are confronted with it on a daily basis and most people have individual preferences as to what exactly the right temperature is in specific situations. And this is where the greatest problem actually lies: people only feel temperature.

However, temperature measuring instruments have to be used for objective and comparable results. Depending on the specific application, you will find different thermometerstemperature meters or digital thermometers for that purpose at Testo.

    Measuring instruments for temperature measurement

    Temperature measuring strips
    Temperature measuring strips

    The really economical alternative to the temperature meter.

    Immersion thermometer
    Immersion thermometer

    For temperature measurement in liquids. Can also be used in aggressive media.

    Penetration thermometer
    Penetration thermometer

    Measure temperatures in solid or semi-solid media.

    Air temperature measuring instruments
    Air temperature measuring instruments

    Precise temperature meter for air temperatures.

    Surface thermometers
    Surface thermometers

    Temperature measuring instruments with fixed or exchangeable probes for surface temperatures.

    Infrared measuring instruments
    Infrared measuring instruments

    Reliable and precise non-contact temperature measurement from a distance.

    Temperature probes
    Temperature probes

    At Testo, we have been dealing with temperature measurement since the company was founded more than 60 years ago and therefore know exactly what counts and what measuring instruments you need to get high-precision results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Temperature measuring instruments in use

    The fields of application for temperature meters, digital thermometers and temperature measuring instruments are very varied. Here are just the most important ones:

    • Spot checking of food

    • Measuring the temperature in the centre of flue gas flow in chimneys/flue gas ducts

    • Surface measurement for checking the pre-heating temperature when welding

    • Immersion measurement in chemical solutions for maintaining temperatures during etching processes

    • Surface temperature measurement on bearings and gear mechanisms in mechanical engineering

    Thermometers operated by smartphone

    Compact measuring instruments for your smartphone

    Our all-rounders for all important measuring tasks. Members of the Smart Probes family are not just temperature measuring instruments. These innovations also include pressure and flow meters, all fully operated via the testo Smart Probes App.

    The testo Smart Probes VAC kit enables you to measure temperature, speed and air humidity, as well as to calculate volume flows. Ideal for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

    Tips and tricks for temperature measurement and monitoring

    A temperature meter in itself means you have already taken the first step. However, you need to bear a few things in mind for really efficient and precise temperature measurement .

    Temperature measurement in liquids

    With your temperature measuring instrument, choose a probe immersion depth of 10 to 15 times the probe diameter. This reduces measurement errors. In addition, it helps the accuracy of the measurement result if you keep the liquid moving during the measurement.

    Surface measurement

    In this case, the probe head is placed vertically onto the surface. Here it is important to ensure that neither the contact surface of the probe head nor the measurement object are uneven, as this can falsify the measurement.

    Air measurement with a digital thermometer

    When measuring moving air with a temperature meter, the measurement probe is simply introduced into the environment being measured. Due to its special design, the air probe has a very short response time. The measurement result can be improved by moving the probe through the air at 2 – 3 m/s during the measurement.

    More measuring instruments from Testo

    Record temperatures

    There are applications where a temperature meter is not enough. For instance, when it is a case of monitoring temperatures over the long term and reliably recording the readings. This is where temperature data loggers are used. The small aids are ideally suited for temperature monitoring, making work a little bit easier every day for quality managers and facility managers all over the world.


    When you need to integrate temperature readings seamlessly into automated building services, then it is temperature transmitters that are required. First of all, they measure the temperature, just like a temperature meter – however, they then convert the measuring values into a standardized electrical signal which can be further processed to control specific procedures.

    Measure surface temperatures

    In the broad spectrum of temperature measurement, particularly high importance is attached to surface temperature measurement. Because it is not just in industry, trade or facility management that a surface temperature measuring instrument  is used. The food industry is also – and above all – the sector where this measurement method is one of the most common. In the end, spot checks on the quality of food can be carried out quickly and reliably using surface temperature measurement. And precise measurement of the surface temperature often makes laborious measurement of the core temperature superfluous.