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testo 6631 - temperature/humidity transmitter

Order-Nr. 0555 6631
  • Transmitter with precise Testo humidity sensor that has long-term stability (±2.5 % RH)

  • 2 analog outputs (humidity/temperature)

  • Integrated ventilator enables flow impact onto the sensor for recording an averaged climate in the greenhouse cell

  • Protection of electronics and sensor from humidity influences (such as sprinkler irrigation)

The testo 6631 temperature and humidity transmitter is ideally suited for use in greenhouses and laboratories. Use the transmitter for the reliable monitoring of critical climates in bio research.

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Product Description

The testo 6631 temperature and humidity transmitter (measuring traffic lights) was specially developed for monitoring critical climates in bio research, such as use in greenhouses or laboratories.

The advantages of the testo 6631 temperature and humidity transmitter

The testo 6631 temperature and humidity transmitter scores highly when it comes to long-term stability and reliability, with its precise Testo humidity sensor. An integrated ventilator offers targeted flow impact onto the sensor which enables the recording of an averaged climate inside the greenhouse cells.

Take advantage of the time the following factors can save you during commissioning and maintenance:

  • Parameterization, adjustment and analysis software (P2A)

  • Fast and easy ventilator replacement thanks to ventilator drawer assembly and plug-in cable

  • Sensor replacement and adjustment possibility using saline pot through easily accessible service opening

Delivery Scope

testo 6631 humidity/temperature transmitter for greenhouses and laboratories (measuring traffic lights) with selectable signal outputs and optional display (depending on the configuration).

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